Stop Moving Things!

They just had to go and refurbish Tesco, didn’t they.

I think the people that work in the Tesco near my school just get bored during the day, so they just decide to move everything around just for fun. No lie, I think something moves about once a week. You can’t count on them to be reliable! It’s upsetting and quite frankly distressing when I pop in for my after-school Mars bar (and I wonder why I’m fat) and the chocolate has been replaced with washing powder, or tea bags. I need consistency in my life, Tesco!

So you can imagine my shock when I’m walking down the road and, instead of seeing a white sign with TESCO EXPRESS plastered on it, I see a navy blue (!?) sign with TESCO EXPRESS plastered on it. ‘Oh boy,’ I thought. ‘Here we go…’

Having mentally prepared myself for an enjoyable game of hide and seek with various things in the store, I walked in. I have to give it to them, it looked nice. And a lot bigger, to be honest. However, I don’t think they took into consideration that upwards of about 300 sweaty teenagers walk into that shop every day after school when the designed it. The aisles were narrow to pack more in, the wine coolers were right by the tills (shoplifting, anyone) and there was space for about one person to squeeze past everyone else to get to the back of the queue for one of three manned tills or one of two almost-broken self-serve tills. You can’t win.

I gotta say though, I liked the colours they used.

Oh, and change is still coming, just slowly.

– George 🙂

QUOTP: Does this annoy you as well?


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