Disney’s ‘Frozen’


Now I’m normally completely against anything Disney makes, but this is a truly amazing film. And it’s hard for me to say I enjoyed a film, let alone a Disney film.

The characters were beatutifully animated and it made a nice change from the typical Disney film. Normally everything’s nice and fuzzy, and anything sad happens for about five minutes and it’s all unicorns and puppies again. Not this film. The entire story was structured around a sad event, and that made it a compelling film to watch. It was even like it wasn’t a Disney film; like a Dreamworks or something.

The story, which takes elements from Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, has everything that should be in a Christmas film – witty humour, lots of singing and dancing, and an amazing reworking of the normal Disney storyline.

Being forced into solitude at a young age, Princess Elsa rejects her sister Anna’s companionship for fear she would hurt her as she did many years ago. But, when Elsa unintentionally triggers an eternal winter at a gathering, she runs away into the mountains where she becomes herself (and sings the best song in the film, there’s a Demi Lovato cover up there). Anna, fearing for her sister, sets off leaving her ‘soulmate’ behind to run things. In the desolate mountains she meets another man to go along with and, the star of the film, the talking snowman Olaf. He’s hilarious!

So that’s it for this…review? I guess if it’s a review I have to do a rating. Right?

4 out of 5

So that’s it. Until the eventual next time, guys!

– George 🙂


4 responses to “Disney’s ‘Frozen’

  1. *ahem* I have a little bit of a rant to make in favour of Disney. Hear me out please.

    The only reason some Disney films are ‘fuzzy’ is because they were made decades ago. Disney started making CGI films before Dreamworks was invented. (See Toy Story).

    Plus, though their very first films may be a bit la di da, that’s because they’re old. Disney was there before World War II.

    *rant over*

    By the way, nice review! 😀

    • I’m not talking about the old films though. They’re good. The new ones (see every single Disney film from the last five years) are seriously bad. They’re just churning films out for money.
      *rant over*
      By the way, thanks! 🙂

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