Our new look: Why it changed & how to use it

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Welcome to the new-look [insertnamehere] website, which marks the start of a new era for the blog and the people who run it themselves – George & Tatyana. I (George), personally want to start posting more again, and restore the blog to what it once was. I’m going to start posting higher quality content, be it funny pictures, personal content or anything else that pops into my mind.

How do I use the new site?

Don’t worry, it took me a while to work it out too. That’s why I’m going to save you the trouble and post this handy guide on using the site.

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When you’re on our homepage, you can view our posts one-by-one, stacked vertically, with the latest post OR a sticky post (a post that doesn’t leave the top) at the top. If it’s a sticky at the top, the one below that will be the latest post.

Each post has a ‘post preview’, a little space of it’s own. Here you can see the title of the post, when it was uploaded, how many comments it has, it’s category (top-right) and a quick preview of the post. If you want to carry on reading, just click on the ‘read article’ button that’ll appear when you hover over the picture. Or, just click on the post title.

Our blog has a new feature called ‘infinite scrolling’, which means that once you’ve got to the bottom of the page, more posts will automatically appear under them until you get to our ridiculously embarrassing first post which marks the end. Alternatively, you can use the search widget on the side (coming soon :3 ) to find the post you’re looking for.

I hope that tells you all you’d need to know about the blog and it’s new look, and until next time, goodbye!

– George

QOTP: What’s your favourite type of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?


7 responses to “Our new look: Why it changed & how to use it

  1. Glad you’re posting regularly again! As for the QOTP… I can’t really reply, because I can’t have Ben and Jerry’s. But favourite ice cream flavour in general… Probably vanilla. :3 (Yes, there is a dairy free ice cream on the market).

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