Happy ‘Pudsey Bear Day’!

Wassup guys? It’s November 15, and that means it’s Children In Need day, or, as I’d prefer to call it, Pudsey Bear day! 

Wow, that was a cheesy opening. Anyway, I wanted to talk about Children In Need today, and what they do, as well as how I raised money (albeit a little unsuccessfully).

If you didn’t know, Children In Need is a charity based and woking in the UK that works to improve the living standards of children who are less fortunate that most of us are. This would include helping children living in poverty, as well as children with physical and mental disabilities. Each year they use this day as a way to raise money for their charity by hosting a TV extravaganza which has enough big stars to populate a small city. You can watch this at 7.30 tonight, on BBC One. 

Our vision is that every child in the UK has a childhood which is safe, happy, secure, and allows them the chance to reach their potential

I personally really respect Children In Need and what they do to help the children of the UK. It’s an amazing charity and I think it’s for such a worthwhile cause. And now we move on to how I raised money.

My class was holding a cake sale to raise money for the charity. The idea was that you baked something and bought it in to sell to the other years. Now, other people’s cakes went down well, but we only sold two slices of my mum’s banana bread.

Let’s be realistic, teenage boys are always going to pick chocolate cake decorated with little colourful sprinkles in Pudsey Bear cake wrappers over slightly overbaked banana bread.

If you want to donate to Children In Need (and why wouldn’t you), click here.

– George

QOTP (question of the post): What did you do for Children In Need? Tell me in the comments section below. 🙂


3 responses to “Happy ‘Pudsey Bear Day’!

  1. I bought three cakes and a pack of skittles (I am not sure if anything from the skittles actually went to charity, but they tasted yummy!) so I did my bit!

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