Internet Oddities: #vxsafetydance

#vxsafetydance, or the new in-flight safety video for Virgin America was found on YouTube this week, and has hit 5 million views already. In this post, I guess I’ll be reviewing it – for want of a better word. 

We’re all completely familiar with airline safety videos – with the pretty lady who has a really big mouth and smiles whenever possible and tells you in the nicest way possible that everything you’ll need to use if the plane is about to go down is very complicated to use. Well, this video does the same thing – but in a nicer way.

The tune is very catchy indeed, and visits various genres of music whilst detailing everything you’ll need to know in a nifty, 5-minute, FAA-approved package. The choreography is really nice as well.

The video has some unique Virgin charm, such as the nun that won’t stop using her phone, and the sarcastic comment on the seatbelts. It’s actually quite entertaining to watch, and shows the innovative passion that Virgin uses around their companies. In fact, you’d find it easy to say that Virgin America is one of the most innovative airlines.

From the airline that brought you moodlighting, in-flight WiFi, and food ordering on demand…. This fall, no seatbelt will be left unbuckled. Watch the #VXsafetydance trailer and check out the full video coming to a Red seatback near you in November.

I think this was a great idea and it’ll definitely get more people to watch safety videos. But it still doesn’t beat Air New Zealand’s safety videos.

– George out. 🙂


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