The Festive Season is approaching…sort-of…

I know, I know, there are still 49 days, 5 hours, 17 minutes and 41 seconds until Christmas (whilst I’m writing this). But, as I write this post I am staring at my Christmad jumper (which, FYI, I bought before half term) I can’t help feeling a little excited. [EDIT: very excited.]

I know this is very similar to the last post but you seem like a nice bunch so I’m trusting you’ll forgive me. Hey I present:


1) Start your shopping early.  Like, really early. There’s nothing worse than going shopping a week before Christmas and spending 8 hours trailing around because holly cannot find the right presents. It happens, guys…

2) Begin writing your cards early. Like the above, only this one is even more important. Many people often underestimate how long it will take them to write cards to their classmates, colleagues, friends, family, neighbours…Just think about that.

3) Don’t forget to eat your advent calendar chocolate.  Because we all know how hard it is to catch up.

4) Don’t go mad on decorations.  Bear in mind you will have to take them all down hmmmm.

5) Wrap up warm! We all know that person who always has a cold at Christmas. Yeah, don’t be like them.

6) Don’t worry about pigging out. In fact, this applies right though till New Year because, well, why start a diet directly after Christmas when you can wait until a new year, a fresh start. At least you can tell yourself that!

And that is the end of my Christmas Survival Guide if you will.

Good luck!



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