What To Do In A Powercut


The St Jude storm has clearly left it’s mark on Britain (see above) and I’ve actually just got my power back after a 4-hour powercut. So, I decided to tell you some great things to do in a powercut!

  1. Eat all of your food. I mean, it’ll just go bad if you leave it in the turned-off fridge, so why not preserve it in your stomach?
  2. People-watch. If it’s raining outside, watch people do funny waddle-runs along the pavement in the rain.
  3. Call your power company over and over again. Keep calling your company until a) the power comes back on, b) you’ve racked up a £50 phone bill, c) you’re sick of Dan, the UK Power Network’s resident call-centre robot or d) you’ve called 15 times and they’re still ‘unaware of a power outage in your local area’.
  4. Cry. Seeing all of those people lose their lawn chairs to the wind can really get you going.
  5. Sing to your Home Hub/generic internet providing object. My BT Home Hub likes Titanic songs when it needs some motivation.
  6. Eat some more food.
  7. Take a shower. May include forgetting that you don’t have hot water and/or forgetting you have an electric shower.
  8. Sit in a dark corner awaiting the impending apocalypse. Rocking backwards and forwards is optional.
  9. Stare at the tree that downed your power lines. Goddammit, oak tree. Why are you such a b**ch sometimes.
  10. Stand at the end of the road watching for vans. Not those types of vans – I mean the vans that have people coming to fix the power lines.

Whilst that concludes my list, seriously – be safe out there, guys.

– George


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