Do’s and Dont’s: Airports

I am such a scatter-brain. I. Forgot. To. Post. Sorry guys! Anyway, on with the post:

In case any of you are returning from you travels:

Do’s and Don’ts: Airports

Do: Make sure you stick to your luggage allowance. You don’t want to find yourself unpacking your bags in the middle of a really busy airport now, do you?

Don’t: Start acting suspicious as you reach border control. Patting pockets, looking worried, you know, like the people on Nothing to declare.

Do: Bring magazines, your phone or a tablet, a book or some other thing to keep you entertained. Waiting at gates can be very tiresome.

Don’t: Be late at the gate! Ooh! I’m a poet and I didn’t know it! Anyway, this would cause a lot of problems like, I don’t know, MISSING YOUR PLANE!!!

Do: Be polite to the people you are sitting next to. Its not a good idea to start off on the wrong foot, especially if you are stuck with them for a 12 hour flight.

Don’t: Collect the wrong bag from baggage collection. This makes for a lot of problems, like ending up with a load of someone else’s stuff. These leads nicely onto my next point:

Do: Label your bags. At least if the above does happen the other people know how to get in touch with you.

Sorry for such a lame post and sorry for forgetting! Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry….



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