Things that Annoy Me…

1) Fake Tan. I mean why? Why would you like to look like an orange? What is the point? Really, no one finds you attractive…

2) Tracksuits. Trackies = For the home. Not for going to town in or Tesco in or even to the swimming pool in. Especially when they are too tight. Where do we look?

3) Foul language. Why can’t you just calm down and find some nice words to explain your point, for example: “You f***ing  ****head! Stop beeping your f***ing horn at me you a*******!” could be changed to: “Excuse me, old chap, but would it be possible to refrain from honking your car horn at me; much appreciated.

4) Chewing gum. Yes it is fine, I even sometimes enjoy chewing the old stuff. But, when you stick it to a wall/changing room door/railing/under a desk, it is vile!

5) “Innit, bruv!” Please, speak English.

That was just a small list of some things that annoy me, if I carried on I wouldn’t be able to stop.

Ta for now 🙂

P.S. Sorry its so short!



One response to “Things that Annoy Me…

  1. I once stuck my gum under a seat in church because I was panicking about about being caught chewing it. But it go stuck all over my hands and when you have to shake hands with everyone, they all saw a load of gum on my hands. Lol

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