7 Facts about Me (Tatyana)

So we won an award (yay!)…Apparently I have to do this fact thing so here we go…

1) I eat when I’m bored, not hungry…this is really bad.

2) I go to an all girls school and have never had a boyfriend (sad, I know. But hey, don’t judge).

3) I’m really bad at sticking to things, example:

Me: *Thinks to self: My room is very messy, hmmmm*. Eureka! I will tidy it everyday! One month later: Meh…

4) I am really antisocial and have been on the computer all evening…

5) I am really bad at doing things like this so be grateful because this has taken me ages 😛

6) I only have a few really good friends. I’m just a bit of a loner really.

7) I love this blog and I do post George so asdfghjkl!


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