12:35. Friday, 19th of July. The bell rang. I was free!

History was our last lesson, but everyone was busy looking through their newly-printed reports, mostly looking at our class lists. At my school, we majorly mix up the forms every year, and here’s a round-up of my form (with my friends, at least)

8C (me):

Joe (


I’m not in the same form as Adam or Sam next year, so that’s a bit of a bummer. Oh well. I’m too busy deciding ho to spend my summer holidays to worry at the moment.

Next week I’m going back to my school (gah!) to take part in a gifted and talented summer school where we learn to make a mobile app. My parents kind of forced me to do that, even though they had a lot of trouble finding £125 to enroll me! I guess it’s nice that they’d do that for me though.

Then it’s off to France for two weeks (yay!) where we’re staying with our family friends in a cottage in Brittany. We’re right next to a beach on one side and a town on the other side, so it’ll be really fun. Then it’s back home for two more weeks of sleeping and eating. Woo!

Also, on Wednesday, I’m going to Currys to buy a camera that I’ve been saving up for, so I might share some of my pictures on Thursday. Photography Thursday has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

So, what will you get up to this Summer? Let me know.

– George

P.S – This article really ruined my day 


5 responses to “Freedom

  1. Do photo a day. Me and Lucy are going to do it for the whole of August and put our pictures on our blogs (but I created a sister blog just for photo a day). Basically this woman posts a list a couple of days before the start of each month which tell you what to take a picture of each day, e.g. Pair, H is for …., 4 o clock etc. Here’s the link to her blog so in a few days time the august list will appear.

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