Bus Boredom: A story.


Shock plot twist: I wasn’t on the bus.

Imagine me, sitting there in my bedroom playing on The Sims, when my phone goes off.

Person 1: Would you go out with Person 2?

Me: Who’s that?

Person 1: She’s from my school. Here’s her number.

Me: Um, okay then…


Me: Hi, I’m George

Person 2: Heyy x we should meet up x you free tomorrow x

Me: I’m free to go up town tomorrow after school

(phone call)

Me: Outside Tesco at 3:55?

Person 2: What?


This went on with various other people whilst Tatyana herself was texting me telling me that her school had gone on a trip to see The Lion King in London and that everyone was going mental. So, long story short, it was one big joke. For the first time I thought it was serious but then just decided to play along.

But my friend Adam (adamissocrazy.wordpress.com) found out and said I was a ‘player’ for getting two girls’ numbers in one night.

So yay for me.

– George

Oh, and Tatyana can’t post tomorrow so I will. Visit her NEW PERSONAL BEAUTY BLOG at tanyadoodle.wordpress.com


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