Mon voyage a Lille


Have you ever been to France? It’s an amazing place.

I had to wake up at 4.30 so that I could be at school for 5.15 for a 5.30 departure to get on the Eurotunnel at 7.30. *sigh*

EDIT: some of the formatting went wrong. Whoops.

But seriously it was great.

We got on the coach and it soon became apparent that nobody would get any shut-eye. So I decided to get out my iPod and listen to my music, when I found:


(there are going to be a LOT of pictures in this post.)

We got to the train terminal and had about 40 minutes to wander. We had a WHSmith, World Duty Free, some toilets and a Food Hall. Almost everyone in my year made a beeline for WHSmith, where one TRAINEE till clerk was forced to say “yes, we do accept Euro, but we give you £ change.” over and over again.

I chose a big bag of hula hoops (BBQ beef for all of you crisp pervs), a bag of Bitsa Wispa (it melted D:) and a big bottle of water – yay health!

We got onto the train quite quickly and then proceeded to get off the coach (by get off I mean rush to the door and crush the unsuspecting French teachers) and discover that the carriage next to us was empty! So naturally….


It was really fun. Me and Joe (my friend from saw this sign in the carriage though:


I know what you’re thinking, Big woop. But let me quote my friend:

Here it was clear that people should take their cars, drive out the train and then the Eurotunnel (look at the blue arrows) by using tremendous speeds to break through the train (you’re on international waters, there are no speed limits here, or any laws…) and float up to the surface while enjoying the panoramic view of the sea.

George, from (commonly referred to as ‘my other friend’) said that the people were abandoning their cars, and walking orderly out of the Eurotunnel at the next available exit, but this is clearly illogical. If there was an emergency on the Eurotunnel, people would be running around manically, pondering over questions such as ‘What is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?’ and ‘What is the Ultimate Question?’

Now I have to say I didn’t say it exactly like that. I think (sorry, KNOW) that you abandon your car and exit through the nearest exit door and go into the Service Tunnel, designed for emergencies.

When we arrived in France, we went straight to a shopping centre where we ate lunch at a resturant called Flunch. We then had 2 hours to go off with our mates and do what we liked.


We went into a French supermarket to fill out a booklet (yay learning) which involved asking people different questions. Now, in France, supermarkets have different philosophies to us in the UK. They had barely any staff on the shop floor and most of them looked very intimidating. So the one lady who looked very friendly was surrounded by 96 British kids asking various questions and writing them down.

I also didn’t know that my bag would get tagged. This means the security guard takes your bag and puts a plastic clip on it so you can’t open it. I didn’t know this would happen, so I let him look at my bag and I was HORRIFIED when I saw what he had done.

We’d finished in there so me and my friends awkwardly approached the Security desk to ask to have the tags removed. But the man said “Non, vous devez acheter quelque chose.” = “No, you must buy something.”. So we went back in and searched for the most obvious item – Haribo.

We eventually bought it and the security man kindly took of the tags. Eventually.


We went into the centre of Lille after that (boring really). We had a guided tour, etc. I don’t know what to say.


So that’s about it really.

The off-topic bit! Yay!

What would you guys think if we got a social network such as Facebook or Twitter? Let us know.

– George


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