Procrastination is the act of doing something else in order to avoid doing something. For example, I should be revising for my History exam which is tomorrow, but I spent 15 minutes finding that video and now I’m writing this. See? That’s procrastination.

I seem to fall prey to procrastination almost every day. For example, I had a revision session today, but that became a doodling session:


See, I tend to have quite a good attention span. I can look at my Facebook news feed for hours on end, but I can’t quite manage half an hour of learning my Latin noun endings.

At home, I tend to procrastinate by eating. Fruit jellies, crisps, strawberries – anything. As long as I’m eating and not working, it’s fine.

Also, it can’t just be me who falls prey to their smartphone/iPod. I hear the little *ba-bing* of my iPod and then, before I know it, I’m on iMessage with another one of my school friends who should be studying as well.

So, what do you do? Do you procrastinate?

– George


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