First of all, I would just like to apologise for the arm in photo, (sorry Dad)!

After mentioning that I had a new baby in the house a couple of posts ago I have decided to share with you the things I love about babies!

1) Their gurgling! My brother always does this and it is just so sweet! If you haven’t ever heard a baby gurgle before it is basically almost like that noise you make before you laugh over and over again…On a side note I long ago accepted the fact that I am rubbish at explaing things and have learned to live with it..

2) Their curiosity. Dont you just love it when you see a baby just staring really intently at something. For instance, if my dad is talking, my bro (Wilhelm-I am half German) will just look at him trying to work out…actually, I dont know. Something must just really fascinate him…!

3) They are always trying to join in. At the dinner table when we are all telling eachother how our day went (yeah, we don’t really do this, I’m just trying to make us sound like a normal family. You know, the sort you see in movies…) Wilhelm will just start laughing and smiling and trying to get attention. N’awww!

4) The pure tiny-ness of them! Those little feet and little toes! Adfghjkl! Cuteness overload…

I need to stop here otherwise you will start to think I am some mad person who really needs to get a grip.  For the record I know I am but between you and me no one else needs to know…

Please let us know what you think!



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