What I Hate About Supermarkets

Toady I came back from Sainsbury’s and was in the mood for a rant. So, naturally, here’s a new blog post! 

This post is basically no more than a list, so here we go!

  1. Small aisles. Especially when the busiest aisles are narrow. It just doesn’t work.
  2. Small children. Especially when they’re playing about in the trolley and you’re so friendly that you have to pick up every single thing they throw on the floor.
  3. Scan & Go. Is it only my Sainsbury’s that has talking handsets?
  4. The ‘speedy shopper’. Darting from aisle to aisle not caring where anyone else is  and almost trying to set a world record for shopping.
  5. Self service tills.
  6. Self service tills.
  7. Self service tills.
  8. No, seriously. My dad actually borderline yells at them. Here’s a script: Till: Scan your items *boop* Place the item in the bagging area. Dad: It’s in the bagging area! *3 minutes later* *boop (item scanned)* Till: Approval needed, place it in the bagging area. Dad: has a fit of rage

But, on a serious note, what do you hate about supermarkets? Do the people in your local supermarket do any of these? Let me know!

– George Out


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