What Annoys Me About Zoos


So, don’t get me wrong, if anyone loves zoos I do. It’s just there are a few little things that tend to tick me off every time I go…

1) The price. I know, I know, it costs A LOT to keep the zoo up and running what with animal food, enclosures ect. But seriously, it cost us £80 for two adults and a child, that’s entry fee + drinks + three main (fast food-y) meals.

2) People with their MAHOOSIVE cameras. I don’t know if this is just me but doesn’t anyone else feel a bit small and insignificant when taking photos on their phone or with their little digital cameras from Tesco..?

3) Enclosures with nothing in them. So I accept that this really probably is just me, as I don’t think anyone else stares at a tank for 10 minutes desperately trying to find the animal which is rumored to be inside only to be told that the said tank is empty…

4) The pressure of attending EVERY SINGLE animal feed. Who else always feels pressured into going to every single animal feed/talk by your family. Why should I cross the whole length of the zoo to learn the name of every single giraffe in the zoo?

5) The pressure of going on the train. Similar to point number 4. Surely its better to travel the zoo on foot as you then have the freedom to stay at a certain animal (the penguins) and dash past the enclosure of another (the birds).

So those are just some small things that tend to annoy me when I go to the zoo. Please be sure to comment if you think of any more things

Speak soon

-Tatyana 😀


3 responses to “What Annoys Me About Zoos

  1. Haha awesome post Tatyana. Completely agree with you. :3 The people who try to make you move annoy me, for example, on Tuesday, this lady comes up to me and says “Ahem, you need to move, my child can’t see behind you” – the curse words I were saying in my head…

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