The Cinema


There’s few things in life that bring people together. Common interests, love, a passion for something – and film.

Be it a comedy, drama or horror film (let’s not forget action), the silver screen has brought generations together, as people came to watch classics, such as Casablanca, or more modern titles, like Madagascar, The A-Team and The Croods, Dreamworks’ new offering.

As I lent over to my friend to whisper in her ear, I said “What were the producers of this smoking?”.

And that, my friends, sums up the Croods.

But that wasn’t what tarred my experience at the Odeon today. It was people’s etiquette in the cinema. So, here’s a few things that drive me mental.

  1. People on their phones. No. Just no. Okay, so you put it on silent, but there’s no need to be BBM-ing your friend ragging on the film. Just watch it. People like that just shouldn’t be allowed in.
  2. Talking in the cinema. Just as bad. Watch the film, brain-dead slob.
  3. Wrappers. Popcorn – good. Sweets – good. Crisps – why? Why? Not only is it the wrapper, it’s also the crunch….oh god, that crunch.

So there you have it, my three reasons why I don’t like the cinema. What drives you insane whilst you’re in front of the silver screen? Let me know below.

– George 🙂


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