Happy Easter, Everyone!


Whilst I was tucked up in my bed last night I was thinking and I realised that you don’t actually know much about us. So, being Easter, I thought I might share with you some of the things my family do.

1) Okay, so I thought I would start off with probably the biggest thing we do. Since my mum is Russian; every year we both decorate some eggs in the traditional Russian style. This basically means hard-boiling about 15 eggs and colouring them in food dye. We then put sleeves with different pictures on them around the eggs and proceed to dip them in boiling water, thus making them contract and stick to the egg. It’s great fun but you usually end up with rainbow hands throughout the holiday!!!

2) We always have roast lamb as like an early dinner…and you can’t really say anything else so onto point number 3…….

3) We normally have an “Easter egg hunt” which normally means hiding 20 mini (yes, mini) eggs around a room, normally the living room. It normally takes up quite a chunk of our morning, I mean, can you imagine all the hiding places?!

4) An Easter walk and a board game in the evening. Ahhhhh, lovely 😀

Tatyana (again)


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