Quack Quack!


Did you know Quack Quack is ‘hello’ in duck language?

Ok, so we don’t know that, but we’ve got you reading now.

This is our first post on our blog and, basically, we’ll just be writing anything that comes into our heads. I know most bloggers will have a set topic, but that’s just not how we roll…(starts doing random forward rolls to Taylor Swift). Slightly random…

So, let us introduce ourselves. We are three friends called George, Tatyana and Ben. We have known each other since pre-school and have been friends for ever. We came up with the idea for this blog whilst enjoying a Nando’s. I have to say that I (Tatyana) being a Nando’s virgin, found it all very exciting. A review of Nando’s will be uploaded shortly.

So there you have it!

Quack soon,

George & Tatyana


2 responses to “Quack Quack!

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